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Hey there! We are The Fulfilled Heart, a publication dedicated to delivering positive life advice from a Christian perspective.

I noticed that there are little to no Christian publications on Medium, so I decided to shed some light on the issue. While the goal of this publication is Christian advice based on Biblical truths, I believe there is a lot everyone can relate to. No matter your background, you are welcome here! :)

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Robert McKee’s Story is largely considered to be one of the “bibles” of Hollywood screenwriting. His passion for “a good story well told” has inspired many writers to master the principles of narrative story while enriching their stories with “terrific characters driven by passion.” One of my favorite sections when reading Story was the chapter concerning character traits and characterization. It’s a great reminder for instilling true essence and change in characters instead of letting them exist as two-dimensional figures. Here’s my own take on character traits vs. characterization based on McKee’s teachings.

Observable character traits vs. humanity

Characterization consists of the qualities of a…

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Good fiction isn’t just about building a make-believe world in an absolutely unique scenario. As I write my own novel, I work on finding a balance between relatability and “fantasy.” But the truth is, no matter how fantastical the narrative, the best fiction often comes from something real. The situation may be totally made up, but there are often truths about life and ourselves that come from fiction. I’ve listed just a few examples of popular stories and authors whose real-life influences propelled them to write great fiction. I will also give a few truthful foundational aspects of fiction.

Fiction inspired by life

The Chronicles of Narnia Series


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As a millennial, anxiety often feels like a prerequisite. Many verses in the Bible instruct us to “be anxious for nothing,” but is our anxiety a sin? I am not a mental health professional, and anxiety can be an incredibly complex issue to discuss. I’ve included several verses and expert sources to aid in answering the question, “is my anxiety a sin?” Let’s talk about it! contributor Heather Riggleman offers helpful insight considering Christians and mental health.

Anxiety is not that simple because it often misunderstood to be simply that a person is stressing too much. There is a…

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For about two years, I pursued the Hollywood film life. I never made it to any major film sets, but I worked in distribution and met with a few producers/industry personnel. After one final, negative encounter, I decided the film industry may not be for me. At least for now. Not only that, but the thought of only writing screenplays made it seem like a huge part of my imagination would be neglected. Here is why I stopped pursuing screenwriting and producing to work on novels.

1. Film is expensive

I am very blessed to have produced three short films while in grad school…

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2020 was the year that changed the world. Businesses shut down, and everyone was forced to isolate themselves in the name of safety. Having to be alone for a long period of time isn’t good for anyone. It compels us to take stock of our lives in a way that might make us uncomfortable. For one year, we’ve been required to avoid restaurants, churches, concerts, and movie theaters. Life hasn’t been normal, so it’s okay not to feel normal. Keeping faith can be hard, and it can be easy to forget our greater purpose. …

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I’m working on a novel…again. Last year was a great development year for my writing as I completed my first novella. A few years before, I was failing to write a novel over and over. I continued to write outside of working on the novel through blogging and short stories. I think most writers have this dilemma, as writing a novel takes a ton of time, preparation, and discipline. Shorter projects are a way of refining our writing while building up the confidence to embark on a novel once more. Now, I’m trying again, and it feels much better this…

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Businesses are thriving during a time when engineering is king. It can be easy to feel left out when you lack the harder skillsets heavily sought by companies. Many of us, liberal arts majors, often feel the burden of struggling to fit into the business world based on our backgrounds. Specifically for myself, I have a background in communication studies, theater, film, and creative writing. Since finishing grad school, I’ve come to find that there are actually several business roles in which writers are needed. Of course, other creative positions are rising to popularity within the new businesses. For today…

Anecdote | Pet Ownership

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When I was fifteen years old, my parents allowed my sister and I to have a dog finally. We had owned dwarf hamsters and several cats, but never a dog. You can imagine our surprise when they brought home two chihuahuas from a local litter after school one day. I was skeptical at first since I’d only known chihuahuas to be stereotyped as “mean” or “snappy.” But for the moment, I didn’t care as we had two adorable, floppy-eared puppies running around the house. …

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Award winning producer. Master of Arts in film. Relentless poet, always in motion. Helping writers write.

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